So you've got a personal brand, now what ...

You've got your digital footprint all set up. You know how you want to be seen in the world and you know how you want to position yourself. Are you done? Now it all falls into place, right? Everyone's espousing the latest in buzz words ~ 'Personal Branding'. What does that even mean?

Once you figure out who you want to be when you grow up, or at least this iteration, where do you go? Well, now comes the hard part. Waking the walk. It's one thing to put on a smiling face and throw a few inspirational quotes up on Twitter but it's another to really back up the fantasy. Up until now, it's all been smoke and mirrors. Now it's time to come out of the shadows and back up the BS. 

Are you authentic? 

Are you honest? 

Don't take on too much and admit when you've dropped the ball. 

Most of all, live up to your commitments. Don't bite off more than you can chew. You don't become the hero by over promising. Try living up to your word, its a great place to start and it's actually valued more than you know.



Welcome to CultureShift

Hey and welcome to CultureShift. We’ve been consulting and training in the arena of employee engagement and human relations for a few years now. While our site is relatively new, our experience goes back years. We’ve been people managers, trainers, human resources, and hiring managers. We’ve also been on the other side of the table as well, as employees and job hunters. We started this site and are joining this movement because people are starting to realize that employers no longer hold the upper hand. There was a time not to long ago when corporations didn’t invest in their staff. Lets face it, they didn’t have to; The economy was horrible and people were lucky to have jobs.  As employees and as individuals, people want to feel valued. People want to be engaged, they want to be involved, invested and they want to move ahead. The job isn't the end all be all, people want to grow. Is it solely the employer’s responsibility to make this happen? What happened to individual responsibility? Now that the tide has shifted, companies are starting to realize that options exist. If someone isn’t happy where they are change can be just over the horizon.

This blog, CultureShift, is really about how employees and employers can grow together, how employees want to grow and what needs to happen. Join us in this conversation as we try and make the mind shift that people want to work for your a company, why they would want to work for a specific company. What can you do to make your company more appealing and desirable?

A lot of companies are giving free food and video games in the lobby, a basketball hoop in the conference room or even gym memberships. These are great benefits, but in the end, what makes an employee want to stay, what makes your employee want to grow with your company. Where’s the loyalty, where’s the trust?

We want to improve the employer/employee relationship. Building with us together and make this a two way street. Thanks for joining us and we’ll see you around.